Friday, May 6, 2011

Money Saver Market Place Magazine...local coupon savings!

Money$aver Marketplace - Free Coupons Missouri

Have you all noticed the new Money Saver Market Place logo on the right side of the blog lately?  Money Saver is one of my blog sponsors and I just wanted to give a "shout out" for them!

What is Money Saver?  It's a coupon magazine that serves the Springfield, MO. area.  It's packed full of coupons to use at local places such as restaurants, retail stores and much more!  Keep an eye out for Money Saver in your mailbox!  You can view the entire magazine on their website at
and print coupons directly from the web site.

Do you have specific coupons you would like to see in this magazine.  Money Saver welcome's your feedback!  Leave a comment with the coupons you would like to see featured and I'll make sure to send your thoughts to Money Saver!

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