Saturday, May 14, 2011

Praise the Lord...We're back up and running!

I no more than posted the previous post and figured out the problem!  After 3 days of having some serious computer issues all I had to do was clear my cache!  Yep, that was it!  When Blogger messed up some browsers had issues with it...mine being one of them!

The good things that came out of this:

  • I learned that Blogger is NOT the greatest blogging host site to have. I have changes coming in the future that will hopefully solve this problem.  
  • I learned a lot about my computer and a lot about blogging
  • I learned that some things are more simple than they appear
  • I have the best blog followers as I got notes from several of you offering help!  Thanks to all of you!
Tomorrow after church I'll be catching up with the posts...and re-posting those that Blogger lost last week!  Thanks again for all your support!  

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