Thursday, May 26, 2011

Humane Society...donations and a visit!

Emalee and Jacob visiting the Humane Society

Remember all that free kitty litter and free/cheap dog food we were able to get with coupons?  Well, we finally made time to do something with it.  My son and daughter LOVE animals.  We're not able to have a dog or cat due to our extreme allergies, but we were able to donate 2 bags of kitty litter and 4 bags of dog food to the Humane Society yesterday.  We walked around and visited all the animals and Jacob enjoyed holding the puppy pictured above.  Of course he woke up this morning wondering when we could go back!  I think we'll do this more often!  It was a wonderful experience for the kids to put "giving" into practice and also for them to have the opportunity to love on a few animals!  

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