Friday, April 29, 2011

Tidy Cat coupons...Dog food coupons and Giving to the Animal Shelter

You can currently get coupons for Tidy Cat here and here!  This makes for extremely cheap (around .67 cents at Walmart) cat litter so hurry and print now if you'll use them.  If you don't have a cat consider donating these to an animal shelter.  That's what we're doing with these and the dog food coupon that we have.  I was also able to print a $3.00 Pedigree coupon here.
One of my kids LOVES dogs, but we have severe allergies so we can't have one in our home.  We plan on going to the shelter to walk the dogs and will take them food, cat litter and newspapers (another thing to do with all the newspapers!) while we're there.  It's a great way to teach the kids to give!  :)
*Remember to use your back button to print twice!

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