Wednesday, April 20, 2011

This weeks Dillon's & Aldi shopping trips...

Last night my husband and I braved Dillon's together...without any kids!  We were there really late and the store had maybe five customers in it.  I had a lot of coupons that I wanted to go ahead and use so we considered it a mini-date of sorts!

We did 2 separate transactions to take advantage of the GM cereal deal (both transactions are shown in the picture):

Transaction #1:
2 boxes Cheerios $2.79 each
2 boxes Wheat Chex  $2.79 each

Total before discounts and coupons:  $18.65 
I actually paid: $7.49 (including tax) and got a $5.00 Dillon's gift card back!  
61% Savings!

Transaction #2:
1 pkg Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs (used FREE coupon from Dillon's mailer)
1 Coffee Mate (used FREE coupon...can't remember where from)
1 Herbal Essence 2 in 1 Shampoo + Conditioner (used FREE coupon from mail offer)
1 ThermaCare wrap (used FREE coupon from mail offer)
4 Power Bars (BOGO with coupons)
2 boxes Cheerios (same cereal deal as transaction #1)
2 boxes Wheat Chex
2 Parkay Margarine (FREE with coupon)
2 Dozen eggs (.99 cents each w/Dillon's 3-day sale)
2 bottles Heinz Ketchup (FREE after coupons)
6 Yoplait Yogurt (used .40/6 coupon)
2 bottles Heinz Vinegar (.99 each after coupon...thought is would be lower, but the vinegar will come in hand for Easter Eggs and cleaning)
2 bottles Santa Cruz juice ($1.10 each after coupons)
2 bottles Xtra laundry detergent (.98 cents each after coupons)
I also had a $5.00 eCoupon loaded to my card because of THIS (expired offer now)

Total before discounts and coupons:  $72.88
I actually paid:  $17.26 and got another $5.00 Dillon's gift card back!
76% Savings!

I also went to Aldi today to take them up on the their incredible produce sale!  I grabbed some milk, spinach and bacon bits while I was there too...

2 gallons milk $3.06 each
2 pineapples  .99 cents each
3 lbs. strawberries  .99 cents each
6 lbs. sweet potatoes (3 lbs. for .99 cents)
Bananas  $1.38
celery  .69 cents
spinach  $1.69
Bacon bits  $1.39

Total = $19.04

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