Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thrifty Thursday...Aldi, Sara Lee

My apologies for skipping my regular Monday and Tuesday posts this week.  It's been a busy week with 2 coupon classes, my son starting track season and just keeping up with the daily routine of life.  Also, my blood counts are a bit off right now so that makes me a little extra tired as well.

On today's Thrifty Thursday I thought I'd just share a couple of random "thrifty" deals you can catch this week.

If you haven't stepped in an Aldi food store let me encourage you to do so.  Now, I can normally get almost everything they have in their store somewhere else for less with my coupons, but there are a few things that I keep any eye out for in their weekly ad...especially their produce!
The ad for my area runs Wednesday-Tuesday.  This week you can get:
Celery .69 cents each
Sweet Potatoes 3 lb. bag for .99 cents!  (That's just .33 cents per pound)
Pineapples are .99 cents each
Strawberries 1 lb. for .99 cents.
All of these can be cut, chopped and frozen so I'll probably buy some and freeze them for later.
*Think smoothies, casseroles, stir-fry, strawberry shortcake, etc.

Sara Lee Bakery Outlet:
I'm very blessed to have a Sara Lee Bakery Outlet fairly near my house.  If you have a bread outlet near you I encourage you to at least stop in and compare their prices to what you would normally pay for your bread items.  They carry other items too and you have to watch out for those prices as they're pretty high, but the bread is a great deal.
My store carries loaves of bread 3/$3.29.  It used to be 3/$3.00, but the price changed this past Saturday.  :(
It still beats paying full price at the store for quality bread that isn't even out of date yet!
My store also has a deal where if you buy $7.00 in products you can pick 1 other item for FREE!

One more random thing...plant a garden!  It doesn't have to be huge.  If you live in an apartment consider planting in large pots and putting them on your deck.
We don't have a huge garden right now.  I haven't officially measured it, but it's probably 4 ft. X 12ft.  It's big enough that I can grow enough tomatoes and bell peppers to last a long time!  I just freeze them instead of can.   This is just a small way to cut a slice out of your grocery bill.  Plus, it's fun to grow your own food and eat it too!  We're hoping to go all out next year with our garden...and may get some chickens for eggs too!

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