Thursday, April 14, 2011

*New* Coupon Class Information

Ever wonder what the big deal about coupons is?  Have you ever wanted to attend a Spot My Eye Coupon class, but didn't want to host it at your home?
Well here's your chance to attend a Spot My Eye class and learn all you need to know about coupons.

The Ozark Community Center is being kind enough to let Spot My Eye hold classes once per month!  All classes will be held on the first Friday of every month (May 6, June 3 and July 1).  We will start at 6:30 p.m. and last around 2 1/2-3 hours.

To sign up you need to email Heather at and let me know which class you'd like to attend.  All classes are $10 per person and need to be paid in advance in order for your seat to be held.  After I get your email I'll send you the mailing address for your payment.

May 6, 2011...The Basics of Couponing (class description below)

June 3, 2011...The Basics of Couponing

July 1, 2011...Couponing and Beyond (you MUST take "The Basics of Couponing" before you take this class as it builds upon what was previously learned.)

The Basics of Couponing (class #1):
You will learn:
What is a coupon
How to acquire coupons
4 Different ways to keep your coupons organized
What is stacking
What is stockpiling
The ins and outs of how to shop effectively at Dillons, Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, Target, Price Cutter and Walmart along with all their coupon policies.
Coupon ethics...and how to steer clear of fraudulent couponing

Beyond Coupons! (class #2):
***We're still working on getting this class together, but here's a few of the things you'll learn:
Meal Planning
How to save money WITHOUT using coupons
Purchasing items online
How to save on your Birthday & Christmas gifts
Making money at home

Find more information on Spot My Eye classes HERE!

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