Friday, April 15, 2011


Welcome to "Spot My Eye!"  If you attended tonight's coupon class we're really glad you're here and hope that you walked away feeling empowered to start coupon shopping!  You can access a lot of information right here on this blog.  So, get comfy and take some time to look around.  Also, make sure to scroll down and on the right side of this blog is a place where you can "follow" Spot My Eye on Facebook or Google Friend connect.  Everything we post will show up on your Facebook homepage once you do that!
If you have questions feel free to post them on the Spot My Eye Facebook page and we'll answer them.  If you post them there everyone can benefit at the same time (especially if they have the same question you do!)  You can also comment after each individual post right here on the blog.
This blog is always a work in progress.  We're tweaking it constantly to better fit your needs.  If there's something you would like to see more of or if you have a suggestion feel free to let us know!

You can find information about hosting a class and our contact information right HERE.

When you start visiting coupon blogs you'll notice that there is a "coupon language."  You can find information on that right HERE.

Go HERE to find more information on coupon fraud and the consequences of it.

I (Heather) also do weekly posts.  You can go to the search engine located on the top right side of this blog and type in the following to access previous posts that I've done with loads of information:

Monday's Menu
Tuesday's Tip
Thrifty Thursday
Ask Me Friday

It was a pleasure meeting you all tonight and we wish you well on your coupon adventures!  

~Heather & Michelle

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