Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dillon's Trip 5/10/11

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Went to Dillon's last night with my coupons in tow.  Here's what I got:

2 gallons milk (not pictured)
9 boxes Life cereal
1 bag Pedigree dog food
4 boxes Quick Cook pasta
8 boxes Ronzoni pasta
4 Ball Park Hot dogs (marked down to $1.99 and I had 4 $1 coupons w/me!)
4 jars Ragu pasta sauce
4 bottles Kraft BBQ Sauce
2 jugs Sunny Delight
2 boxes Cheez-It crackers
1 3pk Ivory bar soap
6 Quaker Delights

Total = $110.32
I paid = $38.15

I had coupons for everything except the milk & BBQ Sauce!  They were out of several things I had coupons for, so I'll go back later when they have them in stock.

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