Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dillon's Trip 5/25/11

Went to Dillon's yesterday as I had several coupons and rain checks to use.  They were still out of items I have rain checks for.  Guess I'll get them later!  Here's what I got:

1 box Purina Tiny Cat food (.49 cents after coupon) Will give away/donate
2 pkgs Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies (.99 cents each after coupons)  :)
6 pkgs Oscar Meyer Hot dogs (.79 cents each after coupons)
10 packets of Kool Aid (FREE w/coupons)
15 bottles Santa Cruz organic juice (.25 cents per bottle after coupons and NO, I did not clear the shelves)
2 boxes Wheat Thins Stix
3 bottles Nivea Men's body wash (rain check item..FREE after coupons)
9 pounds Ground Round (rain check item...$2.33 per pound)
1 bag Ore-Ida Sweet Potato french fries (FREE with coupon)
Zyrtec 5 ct.  (FREE with coupon)

Total BEFORE coupons =  $124.82
Total I PAID w/coupons =  $35.91
71% Savings (would have been much more if they would have had the other rain check items in stock)
Do you see why rain checks are awesome???

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