Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nivea Body Wash and a little "rant"

A few weeks ago a coupon for $3.00 off 1 Nivea Body Wash (men's and women's) came out in the Sunday paper.  I love Nivea products so I made sure to order extra coupons.  It's taken me a few weeks to gather all of these, but I finally used my last 3 coupons this week making a total of 17 very inexpensive body washes.  Some of these cost me .79 cents each while others were completely free depending on which store I purchased them at.  

The stock supply on these was very low in my area due to people buying several of these at a time.   While I'm obviously all for stockpiling I also want to encourage those of you that read this blog to consider others while you're out shopping.  There are a lot of us "couponing" now days and although it's nice to stockpile a large quantity of an item it's also very frustrating to show up at the store and the shelves be empty.  I'm running into this "problem" more and more so I just thought I'd put a friendly reminder on the blog about this.

Also, while I'm addressing this...I went to a yard sale this week of a person that obviously coupon shops and saw case after case of products for sale that I know for certain she got for free or cheap with coupons.  I did a rough figure in  my head and determined that she was making at LEAST a 100%-200% profit on her items.  

I was curious as to how my readers feel about this somewhat controversial topic.  Please feel free to leave a comment below and remember you can comment anonymously if you wish!

By the way, just in case you're wondering what I'll be doing with all this body wash...we'll use some, donate some and make gift baskets with some.  


  1. Michelle FischerMay 26, 2011 at 7:46 PM

    Heather, i have noticed more people are doing the coupon thing, and i think they are "hoarding" all the deals, including the papers, for the past 2 weeks Gerbes has been out of st louis and KC papers by 9:00 am! It makes me a little aggravated to drive 10 more minutes out of our way to get 2 papers. The shelves are bare at Gerbes when it is a "free" item after coupons. Dont you think stores will start limiting how many coupons you can use to buy items? I dont agree with selling the products at a garage sale to make money. Times are tough but like you said, if you get more than what you need in your stockpile, donate to a needy cause, which right now Joplin needs our help!!!

  2. I also got a lot of Nivea, but made no less than 8-9 trips in getting them. I could have cleared the shelf easily, but if there was a bunch I left at least 5-6 on the shelf per trip.

    I've sold stuff at my yard sales, but usually only have 5-6 per item to sell. I also sell to my coworkers, and I donate also. I just filled a large bag for Joplin.

    I see no problem whatsoever in profiting from my many hours I spend couponing. It's a way to supplement my income right now, as I'm not getting as many hours at work, and I even work in health care. To each their own.

  3. Thanks for your willingness to respond to this post, ladies. I appreciate your honesty. I've spoke with several people about this and find it interesting that I normally get the same responses that you two have shared. I think that Stacey put it clearly by saying.."to each their own." I'm not sure that there's a right or a wrong in this matter. In fact, I believe that both views line up with God's Word about the Proverbs 31 woman.
    I've found enlightening as it has descriptions that go along with the verses. I think both of your viewpoints are validated there!