Friday, May 6, 2011

April Finals.....

The month of April wasn't as good of a "savings" month for us.  There were a few extra things that we purchased (like a toilet, Easter clothing and a bicycle) so April's totals won't look near as good as the previous 3 months.  However, I wanted to be "real" with you all and show you that life happens!
The figures shown reflect EVERYTHING we purchase for our household EXCEPT gas, prescriptions, doctor bills, church giving, monthly bills (such as phone and utility) and eating out.
So, things like gifts, holiday purchases, baby showers, grocery bills, kids school things, kids lunch money, entertainment, maintenance, etc. ARE INCLUDED in the figures shown.

Here's the breakdown:

*Total spent in April = $511.86
Average weekly spending = $117.94 
(This average is based on 4.34 weeks per month in a year.)

Total spent for the entire year = $1244.13
Average weekly spending for the year so far = $71.66

We are happy to announce that we're on track to be DEBT FREE by September of 2011 (except for the mortgage!)  As soon as we meet that goal I'll write a post about it!

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