Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Total Savings!

I'm still doing some figuring and will add to this later, but for now here's what I've SAVED at the following stores in 2010 by using coupons...

Total Savings = $1176.11

CVS Pharmacy
Total Savings = $474.08

Total Saved = $1650.19

Goals for 2011
I have a few new goals for 2011.

1.  I'd like to keep better track of what I actually save at Walgreens.  This was something that I didn't do this year.  I could take a guess, but didn't really want to post a "guess" on here since it's not an accurate reflection.

2.  I plan to shop a little more at Walgreens than I did in 2010.

3.  I plan to keep track of what I spend at these three stores along with what I save.  (I actually have these figures for Dillon's and CVS and will post them later.  I also plan on comparing these expenses over the past few years.  (Yes, I keep my records... because I'm weird like that!)  This gives me a better idea on how to budget for the new year.

*Keep in mind that we're all different.  You might spend/save, more/less than I do.  We all have different wants, needs, tastes, budgets, live in different areas of the country.  Do what works for you!

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