Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday's Savings

I actually didn't go shopping today, but thought I'd post a few things that I did do this week.

I had a great trip to Dillon's earlier this week.  I paid $63.87 for $144 worth of groceries.

Wednesday evening after church I swung by Walgreen's to see if they had this Kraft Homestyle Mac & Cheese in stock yet (they were out at all the Wags around my house)...much to my surprise there were 5 on the shelf!  I bought 4 of them for only .17 cents each!
They were on sale 3/$5 (I bought four) = $6.66
I had four $1 coupons from the KC Star so $6.66 - $4.00 = $2.66
Wags had a $2 coupon in their Jan. coupon booklet so $2.66 - $2.00  = .66
Final price = .66 cents or .17 cents each!
I'm anxious to try this as it looks really yummy!

In my mailbox this week I got 
1 Slimfast bar (my hubby loves these kind of freebies in his lunch box)
1 sample Tide laundry soap
1 sample Tide washing Machine Cleaner + $1 coupon for it
1 "things" card game
1 "Taboo" card game
I also got the NFL reuseable tote bag pictured below along with a $1 Pepsi coupon!

(note: this photo is not mine, but I did get the exact same thing...this just saved me from downloading my own photo!)

Hope you all did good this week!  Did any of you get anything that you wanted to share?  Feel free to leave a comment below!

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