Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Coupon Clipping Services

Many people have asked me to share where I order my coupons from.  Personally, I have only used one service, but there are a couple others that I hear are good.  I've also learned that they all have different policies, shipping methods, limits, etc.  So be sure to check that out before you order.  My advice would be to order ASAP before the new ad starts to make sure your coupons arrive in time for you to use them.

So what is a coupon clipping service?  It's company that has taken the time to clip all those coupons for you and then you are charged a fee for that convenience  I usually order 10 of each coupon that I order.  I've found that there's usually a couple of coupons every week that I really want more of.  An example recently would be the high value coupons for Finish dishwashing detergent $2.25/1 and Snuggles fabric softener $2/2.  These allow me to get both these products at a VERY low price...especially when paired with sales.  It also allows me to stock up on these products for several months at a time.

Another reason to use a coupon clipping service is that some newspapers don't always have every coupon in them that you want.  Manufacturers often times decide to put higher value coupons in different areas leaving many other areas out of the loop!  Not long ago I wanted the high value $2/1 Wisk coupon and found that one side of my city didn't have it in any of their papers, but the other side of town did!  Instead of driving all over town I decided to pay a low fee and just order multiples of that coupon.  I was glad I did as I was able to get 5 bottles of Wisk for a very low price!

So here are 3 reputable coupon clipping services for you to try.  After trying them out be sure to write and let me know how you like it.  I would love to share with the rest of my readers your responses!

CouponsbyDede (the only one I've used)
The Coupon Clippers

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