Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dillon's and Staples

This morning I was up early.  I had a meeting before 8 a.m. but thankfully it didn't last long.  I dropped child #1 and #2 off at school and child #3 and I headed to Dillon's for the Mega Event.

Here's a picture of what I got.  I didn't get a ton of Mega items, but I did make out good on Manager markdowns (things with the orange and yellow tags on them) since I was there so early.  I was also happy about all the organic items I was able to snag up. It's a good thing I have a deep freeze!  I still have coupons that I'm waiting on to arrive in the mail and after they arrive I'll go get more tomato products.

(click photo to enlarge image)
Retail price was $112.11
I paid $40.21
It should have been about $5 less, but I miscounted my Mega items!  
Lesson learned...always, RECOUNT before ringing up!

After I left Dillon's I swung by Staples to pick up my FREE Coffe-Mate creamer!  I also had $29 in Staples Rewards to use so I grabbed some more ink while I was there.  Child #3 also begged for a candy so I purchased that as well. (Candy not pictured as she was happily eating it while I snapped this shot!)
Retail Price was $ 40.17 not including tax
I paid $ 4.27 tax included

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