Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dillon's and Price Cutter Trip 1/29/2011

As's what we did at Dillon's and Price Cutter today:
Total spent on all 3 trips was $50.05 plus tax.

Price Cutter (Brian)...we rang up separately in order to stock up on sugar:

2 - 4 lb. sugar $1 each
1 gallon milk $2.99
Total:  $4.99 + tax

Price Cutter (Heather):

2 boxes Hamburger Helper $1 each = both free w/coupons
2 - 4 lb. sugar $1 each
3 Birds Eye frozen veggie $1 each...used $1/3 coupon
Dole salad mix $1.69
Bananas $1.41
6 cans Red Gold Diced tomatoes w/green chili's .79 cents each...used two $1/2 coupons and two $1/1 coupons
6 cans Red Gold Diced tomatoes .59 cents each...used two $1/3 coupons
2 jars Peter Pan peanut butter...$1 each
Total:  $13.36 + tax
(Somehow I was charged for hot dogs that I didn't purchase, so I'll be going in to fix this problem tomorrow...ugh!  Always check your receipt!)

Dillon's: (I'm not typing out all the coupons I used on this one...too many to type.  You can go HERE to see the coupon match ups that I used)

12 cans Hunts Tomato Sauce .49 cents each after Mega Event
30 cans Hunts Diced Tomatoes .49 cents each after Mega Event
10 cans Rotel .49 cents each after Mega Event
1 jar apple sauce
2 pkgs BarS hot dogs .99 each after M.E.
2 pkgs Ball Park Hot dogs on Manager mark down for $1.49 (I had my coupons w/me and got them for .49 cents each.
6 boxes of Kleenex .99 cents each after M.E.
2 Oscar Meyer Carving Board lunchmeat $4.49 each
Kroger TP $3.99
5 bottles Soft soap .88 cents each

Total before coupons and Dillon's card discount = $96.75
Total I paid = $31.70 plus tax
67% savings

I've decided that after consuming all of these tomato products over this year no male in my house should ever have to worry about prostate cancer!  :)  Now to come up with LOTS of tomato recipes!

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