Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May Finals...

What a busy month is was!  May is always crazy for us as there are extra things to purchase including Memorial Day cook-outs, Graduation gifts,  Teacher gifts and end of the year field trips for the kids.  Then there's also the change of the seasons where we purchase gardening supplies, plants, flowers, etc, etc.  It's just a busy month!
If I've learned anything from tracking this month's spending habits I've learned that I need to budget for the above mentioned items more intentionally next year!  :)

Here's the break down of our May spending:

*Total spent in May = $658.13
Average weekly spending = $151.64
(This average is based on 4.34 weeks per month in a year.)

Total spent for the entire year = $1902.26
Average weekly spending for the year so far = $87.66

How did you do for May?  Does the end of the school year affect you too?  Do you intentionally do something to help out with the extra costs?  Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

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