Monday, June 20, 2011

We're back from Vacation!!!

Me and my hubby
I just wanted to give my friend, Michelle, a huge Thank You for taking caring of the blog while I was on vacation.  I appreciate it.  Hopefully, now that Michelle knows the ropes of blogging, you'll hear more from her on this end more often...hint, hint!  :)

I'm catching up on some things around the house today such as laundry and some paperwork that came in the mail while we were gone.  I've already taken one child to football practice this morning and another one has a baseball game later this evening.....yep, we're back in the full swing of summer!  Look for a couple posts later today!

Here's some pictures of us on our vacation...

3 Monkeys riding in the mini-van

Looking out of the St. Louis Arch windows

Me and the kids resting at the park in St. Charles, MO.




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