Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Aldi produce Highlights 6/15-6/21


Here are the highlights from the Aldi add this week

- take a quarter to "rent" the cart.  You will get your quarter back when you return your cart.
-Aldi does not accept coupons
-take your own bags, they do not provide bags.  You may purchase bags at the register or there are sometimes boxes you can use.
-if produce does not look great you can price match Aldi produce at Walmart

Sweet Corn 20oz tray   .99 cents
Vidalia Onions 2lb bag  .69 cents
Green Peppers 3 pack   .99 cents
Tomatos on the vine   .99 cents per package

This is a great deal on the onions and green peppers.  To ensure they will last longer you can chop them & freeze them to use later in cooking.  I suggest double bagging your onions or they will make your freezer smell.

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