Monday, June 20, 2011

IMPORTANT: Dillon's...New Coupon Policy

click photo to enlarge

Dillon's has incorporated a new coupon policy which takes place immediately.  I heard rumor of this so I hopped in my local Dillon's to check it out for myself.  I always like to make sure of something before I post and cause unnecessary hype!  The photo above is a scan of what I received at my Dillon's in Springfield, MO.

I personally don't see much that I don't like other than the discontinuation of accepting expired coupons.  This was something that was handy if I needed to get an rain check on an item.  I also don't understand why they won't double a catalina coupon since it is a Manufacturer coupon.

I understand what Dillon's is doing and what they're trying to prevent, but I wish the policy was more clear...especially the part at the beginning that states that a Manager has the right to limit the quantity of coupons and/or items purchased in a single transaction, by a single customer, or in a single day.

There was rumor that Dillon's would no longer allow "overage", but I don't see that in this policy.  Has anyone experienced this yet?

Leave a comment below and let us know what you think about these changes.



  1. Hmmm...looks like I need to call my Dillons and see what the scoop is for them! Thanks for posting this, Heather!

  2. You're welcome, Stacie. If you talk to a manager let us know what they say and what store you called!