Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This weeks CVS shopping trip

I went to CVS Sunday night.  I only went because I had $14.00 in ECB's that were expiring that day.  Honestly, I'm stocked up enough that there wasn't anything that I really needed.  Also, this is the most poorly planned trip to CVS that I've done all year.  Since I took a 2 week break from shopping I really just wasn't prepared for this trip and only went to use my ECB's before they expired.  I could have broke it into 2 transactions, but had a sick boy at home and didn't want to mess with it!
I apologize as I know you gals really like to see the photos, but I forgot to take a picture...

3 bottles Vitamin Water
2 tubes Colgate Sensitive toothpaste
1 12pk.  Scott Toilet paper
1 gallon milk
1 2 Lt. Pepsi

3  $0.75/1 Vitamin Water coupons
$14.00 ECB's

Total before coupons and ECB's:  $17.46
Total I paid:  $ 7.35 (including tax)
Received $8.58 in ECB's

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