Monday, February 7, 2011

Shopping Break Challenge...

Has anyone joined me in my Shopping Break Challenge???  I admit that it's been difficult, but so far I've done pretty good considering we were practically snowed in last week.  I went out before the big snow storm and got a few necessities such as milk, bread and some goodies for the kids.  (Okay, I got some goodies for the adults in the house too!)  I spent $20.16 total on groceries last week.  I didn't even buy a Sunday paper!

This week I'll need to grab a few things too...milk, cheese, rice and eggs...that should do us well the rest of the week!

On a side note...I'm glad that I started this challenge when I did.  Little did I know that I would sort of be forced to stay indoors due to the snow.  Plus, my oldest got an ear infection and needed to go to Urgent Care.  I was able to pay for his appointment with the money I saved.

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