Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday's Tip!

Simplify Your Life by Simplifying Your Home

This week I started deep-cleaning the house...it just seems appropriate this time of year!  You know what I mean...Christmas comes and we get more "stuff" to fill our homes with.  So far I've been able to tackle the laundry room, the family room in the basement and my preschool daughter's room.  I was also able to organize my coupon stock-pile with the help of my husband.  He's so much better at organizing than I am!  He also went through his side of the closet! (Thanks, Dear Hubby!)

Anyway, over all, I'm a pretty simple person, but something happened to me about 5 years ago that made me change my way of thinking a bit more.  It was a combination of an illness that I have and adding another child to our family along with some spiritual growth that all lead me to simplify some things in my life.

So how is it that we climb out from under all the STUFF?  Many websites offer several suggestions, but here are the three tips that I've found most useful.

Set your timer for 10-15 minutes and gather around 20 items to give away.  While going from room to room ask yourself these questions while going through your stuff:

1.  Do I use this?
2.  Do I have a place for this?
3.  Is this item useful?

If the answer is "NO" to any of these questions put the item in a bag or box so you can give it away.  Do this until your timer goes off.  As soon as the timer goes off take the stuff you've collected to Goodwill...or, if you want you could have a garage sale.  My only caution with garage sales is that at the end of the sale whatever is left you really need to take to Goodwill or you'll be stuck with the stuff again!  So take it THAT DAY!!!

So what is the purpose of simplifying your home?  Why go through all the trouble?

Come back next Tuesday and I'll share some more thoughts on this topic!


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