Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Cellfire coupons

Cellfire just added a bunch of eCoupons that can be loaded to your Dillon's (Kroger) card.  Just go to Cellfire and register if you haven't already, choose your store (Dillon's for those that live in Spfd,MO.) and follow the directions.
Remember, eCoupons do NOT double and can only be used once.  For example, if you bought 5 of item X the eCoupon will only come off one time.)

Current Cellfire Coupons:

.55/1 A&W Root Beer, Dr Pepper Cherry, or Orange Crush and Vanilla Cream Dessert Topper
.50/2 Betty Crocker boxed potatoes , excl buds or pouch
.50/2 Betty Crocker Fruit snacks
.50/2 Betty Crocker SuperMoist cake mix AND Ready to Spread frosting
B1G1 Budweiser Genuine barbecue sauce
.75/1 Colgate Wisp , 4 ct +
.50/1 General Mills Chex Mix or Golden Grahams treats or Milk ‘n Cereal bars
.50/1 General Mills Fiber One reg or 90 cal chewy bars
.55/1 General Mills Honey Nut Cheerios
.55/1 General Mills Lucky Charms cereal
.75/1 General Mills Rice, Corn, Wheat, Honey Nut, Chocolate, Multi-Bran or Cinnamon Chex
.40/1 Green Giant frozen bagged vegetables , 19-24 oz
.60/3 Green Giant Frozen boxed vegetables
.50/1 Green Giant Just for One vegetables
.50/2 Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers frozen vegetables
.50/1 Nature Valley granola bars
.50/2 Pillsbury Crescent dinner rolls
.75/2 Pillsbury Frozen Grands biscuits
.40/2 Pillsbury Italian Meal breads
$1/2 Pillsbury Refrigerated cookie dough
.30/2 Pillsbury Refrigerated Grands biscuits
$1/2 Pillsbury Refrigerated Holiday cookies
.50/2 Pillsbury Rolled Refrigerated pie crust
.40/2 Pillsbury Sweet rolls or Grands Sweet rolls
.50/2 Progresso soups

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