Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sometimes the best deal is NO deal...

After I got up this morning and did my morning routine (breakfast, got kids to school, Bible study, etc.) I hopped online to see what the latest deals were.

I came across this BOGO coupon for Bob Evan's.  I thought about posting it on my blog, but decided against it.  Sure, some of my readers might be interested in this kind of "deal", but as a blogger I have to ask myself..."Is this really a deal?"  Some of you may think so, and that's fine, but I personally don't view this as a deal.

When I first started couponing I quickly got caught up in printing ALL the coupons (well..most of them) and signing up for all the deals.  I learned very quickly (and yes, you could verify this with my husband), that I was actually spending MORE money than I was SAVING.  
Now, IF I were already planning on going to Bob Evan's for breakfast this would be a deal and would save me money...BUT, since I'm not planning on going there for breakfast it's not saving me money.  I would actually be spending MORE money by falling for this "deal" because I would be buying at least one breakfast, not to mention spending gas money to drive there! 

Okay, so my goal isn't to be a "bummer" for you, but to encourage you to spend wisely.  I hope this has given you something to think about the next time you encounter a great "deal."

PS.  Oh, and just incase you were planning on going out for breakfast at Bob Evan's click here to print your coupon! :)


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