Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

On Thursday's I plan on bringing you at least one "thrifty" idea that you can make, cook or purchase.  If you have any thrifty projects that you would like to share please leave a comment below!

Chances are you've read, heard about or even received a gift in a jar.  I've received ones with cookie and brownie mixes, hot chocolate and coffee.  They're always a nice, practical and thrifty gift to give and receive.  I ran across this "Journal in a Jar" today at Organized Christmas and thought it was a really neat idea..  I can think of a few of my really good girlfriends that would like this gift.  

As I was thinking about gifts in a jar I thought of something else that I wanted to pass along.  My birthday was last week and I received a candle in a jar.  Now, how many of us have big candles that come in glass jars with lids?  The light bulb went off!  I'm really not that creative, I usually have to see something before I can design it.  However, I did think about recycling those candle jars when the candle is all burned up.  This type of gift would be a great way to recycle those jars!  So in the upcoming year when you get new candles or see jars of any kind at yard sales don't forget that they have many thrifty uses.

Go here to find other jar receipes.

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