Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday's Tip!

Freeze leftover veggies
When you have small amounts vegetables left after a family meal, put them in a container or baggie, and store it in your freezer. Accumulate leftover vegetables from various meals in the same container, taking it out and returning it to the freezer each time. Once you have enough vegetables, use them for homemade veggie soup!

Fighting Static
Tired of static on your clothes (or in your hair)? Keep a used dryer sheet in your purse. Whenever static threatens, fight it off by rubbing lightly with your dryer sheet. Also, spraying a light layer of hairspray over your pantyhose and skirt does wonders to prevent static from forming!

Preventing Purse Theft
If you're not very quick at grocery shopping, your purse may start to feel heavy on your shoulder and you'll want to put it in the cart. If you do, try to use the child's seat belt to deter theft. Just thread the belt through the straps of your purse. That way people can't grab it and walk off if you should happen to turn away or reach for something. So you shouldn't feel the need to watch your purse like a hawk - your kids need watching too!

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