Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This weeks Dillon's shopping trip...

I ventured out to Dillon's this past Friday to take advantage of their Mega Event and got a cart full of items!  Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo because my family starting putting the groceries up (which I won't complain about) before I could say "stop...I need to take a photo for my blog."  Honestly, it does take a few minutes to arrange everything for a photo and the boys think I'm "nuts", but I wanted to at least apologize for not getting the photo up.
I'm not posting individual prices either as you all know it's Spring Break and I'm watching my computer time this week!  :)

I spent $81.88. (yes, that's well over my budget...first time all year!  However, I won't be shopping big this week at all.)
Saved $101.87
I purchased 71 items
You can see the coupons I used HERE

16 pkgs Ronzoni Pasta (the highlight of the trip) for an average of .39 cents per box!  This should last me a long time considering I have several left from another sale a few months ago!
1 gallon milk
3 bottles Sunny Delight
1 box pasta salad
2 pkgs fudge from the bakery
1 pkgs cupcakes from the bakery (both bakery products weren't mine..I bought them w/my BIL's money so he could take them somewhere..also the box of pasta salad was for someone else!)
10 pkgs Bumble Bee Tuna
4 boxes of Wheat Thins
2 boxes of Triscuits
2 bottles Classico Pasta Sauce
3 8 oz. pkgs Kraft Shredded cheese
1 box cheerios
2 boxes Cinnamon Toast Crunch
2 jars Miracle Whip
6 bags of Lays potato chips (on sale for 1.77 each!)
2 doz. eggs
4 boxes Rice a Roni
2 loaves Nature's Own Bread
6 pounds ground chuck

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