Tuesday, August 16, 2011

True Moment Tuesday's...New blog feature!

I've been brain-storming ideas for new blog posts for several weeks.  So, starting today I'll be featuring "True Moment Tuesday's"...every Tuesday!

What is True Moment Tuesday?  Well, basically it's anything random that I want to share that's happened within the previous week of the post.  I want to capture those every day things that happen in life and not take them for granted.  I'll try hard to keep things on the positive side, but don't be surprised if I share a struggle or two, or three, etc, etc.  If there's an appropriate photo I'll post that too!  That's what it's about...the True Moments...the real me.

The deer that eat my garden by *CA*

(Photo Credit goes to *CA*'s Photostream - Flickr)  
Note:  These are NOT "my" deer.  If I happen to get a photo of "my" deer I'll post it here at a later date.

True Moment Tuesday:

Earlier this year I decided to plant sweet potatoes in my garden.  I never liked sweet potatoes before until last Fall when my Bible study teacher brought the excess from her garden to class and shared!  I reluctantly took a few, knowing that if I took them I would have to eat them.  It was kind of a challenge to myself!  As you all know, I don't like to waste anything...especially food!
I stared at the potatoes for a few days unsure of how to fix them.  I knew that I didn't want Sweet Potato Pie...yuck!  I decided to saute them with some other vegetables making a Succotash of sorts.  The results.....I loved it!  I still don't like Sweet Potato Pie, but I love my Succotash!  :)

After falling in love with Sweet Potatoes I studied up on them (because I'm like that!) and found out that they're actually quite easy to grow in the garden.  Once Spring arrived and the threat of frost was gone I put some plants out to grow.  It's taken all summer for my Sweet Potatoes to grow.  I went outside yesterday and decided to dig one plant up to check them and see how they were doing.  I had a fairly decent sized potato!  I was so HAPPY!!!  I also admired the beautiful greenery was growing (the vines of the potatoes) making a gorgeous covering over my garden.  

This morning I awoke and took David to football practice.  It was dewy outside.  We saw four cute little deer up the street in a field.  Such a peaceful morning.  When I returned home I went outside to find that my Sweet Potato greenery was almost completely GONE!!!  What in the world???  Then it dawned on me...the deer...those cute little deer ATE MY GREENERY!!!  Yes, there is proof...hoof prints!  Arrgh!  I'm not so sure that "those cute little deer" are cute anymore!

Want to join me for True Moment Tuesdays?  Feel free to leave one of your "True Moments" below in a post or leave a comment on the Facebook page! 

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