Friday, August 5, 2011

Emalee's Room

As much as I don't like it, my baby is getting bigger.  Because of this we decided to finally move her out of the toddler bed and into a twin bed.  Two years ago my neighbor had a very nice wooden toddler bed in their garage sale.  I went down to see how much it was and my neighbor decided to just let me borrow it.  She had decided earlier that day that if it didn't sale she would save it for her grandchildren....which would still be a few years off.

Emalee got good use out of that bed, but I've noticed lately that she's quite long in it when she lays down.  I decided to start looking for a twin bed.  I found one on  that we really liked and with a few discounts I was able to get it for a decent price and shipped free to my local store.

Late last night we had a Mommy/Emalee date night and headed to Target to look at bedding.  We no more than arrived when we "spotted" something very special.  Bedding that had OWLS on it!  Let me clarify that Emalee really didn't show much interest in anything for certain, so please don't think that I MADE her have owls in her room just because I like them!  She's always been kind of easy going when it comes to deciding things. However, she happened to LOVE the owls too!  :)

After we grabbed the bedding we also got a 9-cube shelf for her toys to go in.  Em's room is only 10'X10' so  I'm really hoping that all of these changes will make a difference in her room.  I put her older, smaller white shelf in her closet for her shoes and extra toys to go on.

I also couldn't resist buying the canvas photo pictured below.  Just darling!  My friend, Jeanne, is going to help me figure out some painting on the walls to go with this.  The baby border is going to finally come off!  I'll post pics whenever it's all done!

Here's some pictures of what we got:


  1. Heather, I love it! Makes me wish my girls were little enough to want the owls!
    Tina D.

  2. I'm glad Emalee's little enough that she didn't care! :) It really is cute. Even cuter in person. I opted for the quilt over the comforter. I think it ads to the character of the design!