Friday, July 8, 2011

Cleaning out the Clutter ~ Emalee's Room

Today is the first post in my "Cleaning out the Clutter" series!  The sweet photo above is of Emalee in her bedroom.  She likes to surround herself with plenty of toys.  On this particular day I was actually cleaning out her closet (notice the clothing on the floor) and she was entertaining herself as I was busily switching the Fall clothing to Summer clothing.  Funny thing is that I forgot to take before and after photos of the closet!  :)  However, I did take before and after photos of her room.  She posed for a few of them!  LOL!

I plan on having a garage sale in the early Fall where I'll sale the items from my my "decluttering" in it.  I try to cleaning out the clutter in our house at least twice a year.  I'm not sure how we accumulate so much extra STUFF, but I've found that all that extra STUFF can keep me pretty busy.  I feel so much more relaxed when my house is clean and decluttered.

Do any of you want to join me?  Feel free to post a comment below or post your before and after pics on the facebook page!

AFTER the room was cleaned up!  Much better!  :)

Still in her toddler bed.  We're getting her a twin bed in just a few weeks!

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