Friday, July 15, 2011

Cleaning out the Clutter ~ Master Bedroom

I'm slowing working on cleaning our the clutter around the house.  My friends (the ones that are allowed to see every nook and cranny in my house) will testify that my home is not perfect, however, it's usually pretty well picked up and organized.

This summer has been a different story!  With three kids in 3 different stages of life, involved in various activities this summer which requires me to be "taxi mom" and don't forget, my lovely disease that likes to slow me down...chores and cleaning have just been on the back burner this summer.  We've also vacationed, just finished VBS and in less than a week we'll be off to Korea Camp!  Do any of you identify with me???  :)

I can only take an unorganized, messy home for so long before I have to do something about it, so that's why I challenged myself to blog about it.  I knew that if I blogged about it I would be forced to do it!  It's weird posting photos of my home on here, but I figure why not!  I like to be "real" with you all and I certainly don't want anyone to think that I have everything all figured out.  

My bedroom seems to be the room that is the last one to ever get cleaned.  Maybe that's because few people see my room???  However, I believe that a bedroom should be a sanctuary of sorts.  I honestly don't like my office being in my room, but we've found that our bedroom is the best place for it right now.  So, I have my office in my corner as you can see if the photo below.

First, I washed the bedding and made the bed...even dusted the headboard!  

Next, I tackled the dresser by cleaning off the top and putting everything in its proper place along with cleaning out each drawer and dusted the dresser.  

The last big thing was the desk.  It gets piled up with Spot My Eye papers, coupons and many other things.  EVERYTHING was put in its proper place and then I dusted the desk  

All of this sounds fairly simple but took me about 5 hours to do since I sorted and filed papers, sorted some laundry and other items to put in my garage sale box, etc.  Then I vacuumed!  It was worth the 5 hours of cleaning to get it all done!  Now, to keep it this way!  :) 

Are any of you cleaning along with me?  What are you working on?  I'd love to know and we can encourage each other.  Leave me a message below!

The bed and office BEFORE they got cleaned.  Zoom in to get a closer view of the desk (my office) if you'd like.  Yes, I'm that brave!

This was a HUGE problem!  The clutter catcher of the house!  Remember me posting about winning a DVD/BluRay player from Koolaid?  If you look closely the box is sitting next to the dresser.  I never did get around to taking a picture of it to post on the blog so this one will have to do!  

Bed all made up!  Do you all have throw pillows for your bed?   

So much better!
My clean desk!  Look...I have a phone at my desk that still has a cord!  My grandma bought me the little world bank when were went shopping together one day when I was about 5 years old.    :)

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