Monday, August 29, 2011

Series: Becoming Debt Free...Death Is Not Dying

Death is not Dying - Rachel Barkey

While writing the series on Becoming Debt Free, I've been going back in my journal and reading past entries I made.  It was my intention to continue this week with something different...  However, I found an entry in my journal that really touched me while working through my grief after losing Kara.  Honestly, it has nothing to do with debt, money or savings and really doesn't belong in this series other than I feel the need to share it with my readers.  In fact, you might even cry if you listen to it.  So don't say that I didn't warn you!

If  you've ever experienced the loss of someone that you dearly love, I encourage you to continue reading.  Here's the exact entry from my journal:

As this year draws quickly to an end I've been reflecting on all the many blessings and sorrows this year has held. With the death of Kara, our family experienced loss in a way that we had never felt or experienced it before. However, in the midst of all the grief, all the loss, all the pain that I was feeling, there was a constant joy that I can't explain other than to say that it was the Lord holding me up, giving me peace and reminding me that "death is not dying."

A few months after Kara's death I was driving the boys across town. The radio was on and I was listening to a testimony of a lady (Rachel Barkey) that had cancer on "Revive Our Hearts." What I heard playing that day has been a huge blessing to me. I just listened to it again a few days ago and felt that I needed to share Rachel's message. It's a message of hope, courage, and faith in the midst of the storm. I hope that you can carve out some time to listen, be blessed and be reminded that "death is not dying..." It's only the beginning of our eternal life with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

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