Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's Back: True Moment Tuesdays

True Moment Tuesday's has been MIA over the last several weeks while I've sat back and took a break from blogging.  Today it's back!  
What is TMT?  
Well, basically it's anything random that I want to share that's happened within the previous week of the post.  I want to capture those every day things that happen in life and not take them for granted.  I'll try hard to keep things on the positive side, but don't be surprised if I share a struggle or two, or three, etc, etc.  If there's an appropriate photo I'll post that too!  That's what it's about...the True Moments...the real me.

Why is it that kids say the funniest things in the car?  We've had our fair share of funny car moments so I thought I'd share a couple of them.  

Several years ago, my then 4 year old son, Jacob, was being babysat by a friend of mine.  My friend picked him up from preschool while I was at an appointment.  His preschool is just down the street from a graveyard.  During previous rides to preschool Jacob and I had talked about the graveyard.  He was very interested in the graves, people dying and often asked what happened to the bodies.  I wanted Jacob to understand that when we die our bodies stay in the ground, but our souls are eternal and if we're a Christian, go to be with God.  
Well, as my friend was rounding the corner by the graveyard with Jacob in tow, she heard from the backseat of the car, "Hey, do you know what that place is?  It's where they bury your skin!"  :)

Here's another funny thing that my 5 year old, Emalee, said just last week:
We were driving to church last Wednesday night.  As my husband drove I was talking to Emalee telling her that she would be going to AWANA.  Somewhere in the last several weeks Emalee has learned the phrase, "No way, Jose`" and we've been trying to teach her not to say that.  So when I told her she would be going to AWANA she said, "No way, Jose`!" (insert her giggles as she knows she's not supposed to say that)  I said, "Emalee, my name is not Jose`...I've told you that several times."  There was a brief pause as she thought about what to say next.  Then I heard (giggles included), "No way Ho!"  We all busted up laughing and she laughed too although she didn't know why it was so funny!  I told her she can call me "Jose`" if she wanted too!  :)

All kids say funny things.  Do you have anything funny you'd like to share?  Leave a comment here on the blog or over on the Facebook page and share it with the rest of us! 

Have a great Valentine's Day everyone!


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