Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Who Can Satisfy My Soul?

Do you ever go through seasons of life where adversity seems to be around every corner?  I just went through several months where it seemed that no matter what I did, I ran into obstacles of different kinds.  Most of them were uninvited into my life and surprised me when they showed up.  I'm not sure if this is something that happens around my age or not (I'll be turning 40 later this year), but I can say that these unwelcome trials threw me for a loop.

I've encountered many losses over the last year.  I'm still scratching my head at some of the losses wondering how and why these things happened.  I'm still at a loss for words on how my feelings were affected by these unpleasant encounters and events.  For several weeks, well, several months in some cases, I found myself wondering around like a lost puppy dog not sure how to react or what to do or where to go or even who to talk to.  In some of these cases I felt insignificant...and I wondered if I ever was significant to begin with.

It's amazing how when I go through trials, the Enemy (the devil), likes to throw in a few of his lies as well. The Bible says that he's the father of lies and that his only mission on this earth is to still, kill and destroy.  I admit that I let him in a few times.  I let him tell me that I wasn't important enough, good enough, worthy enough, young enough, pretty enough, healthy enough, wealthy enough, smart enough, funny enough.......and you know what???...He was right!!!  I am NOTHING without Christ!!!  I also know that I don't have to be anything to anyone else because I'm already significant in God's eyes.

I may have encountered some losses, but in the end I believe that the Lord will use it for my good and His good.  Even though I still miss the things I've lost, He's the only One that can truly satisfy my soul.  He's more than enough for me!  Just like the disciples, all I need to do is follow Him!  He'll take care of the rest!

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