Wednesday, March 7, 2012

One Sweet Potato Pie going in the oven and one already out!

Boy did I mess up today!  I was making a sweet potato pie and mixed up my crust.  Unfortunately, I misread the directions and used 1 cup of shortening instead of 1/3 cup!  I eventually figured out where my mistake was made.  There was no other option than to add more ingredients to make more crusts or throw it out.  I'm not a "throw it out" kind of gal as that wouldn't be frugal.  So, I've spent the entire day in the kitchen.  Not exactly what I planned for today, but fortunately, I had the time to go ahead and bake.

I thought I'd make three pies since I tripled the crust recipe, but only made two and just made my bottom crusts thicker than normal.  While the kitchen was already messy I went ahead and made 3 dozen banana bread muffins.  I'm thinking that I'm gonna have some very happy boys in this house tonight!  :-)

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