Wednesday, December 28, 2011

*New Spot My Eye Information*

I've had a wonderful year venturing into blogging.  I started just over 1 year ago with Spot My Eye and have enjoyed every moment of it.  I've learned so many new things in the cyber world and have made some great cyber friends.  I've also enjoyed meeting many of you at the classes that I've taught.

Over the last several weeks I've taken the time to think and pray about the future of Spot My Eye.  My teaching partner, Michelle, and I have also talked a few times about the direction that we should head in.  After seeking the Lord, my husband, Michelle and thinking an awful lot about this I've made a decision....

The way things will happen on Spot My Eye will definitely be changing.   I will NO LONGER provide any coupon information on this blog.  That means I will no longer post grocery or daily deals, coupons, etc.  I know that several of you frequent this blog only for that so I do apologize for the inconvenience.  However, running a coupon blog takes A LOT of T-I-M-E and I cherish every bit of time that I have.  I've weighed this heavily and feel like coupon blogs are over-saturated.  I feel that it is no benefit to me or my family for me to continue blogging about things that many other people blog about.  If you still want to find great deals then I encourage you to follow some reputable coupons blogs that I trust.
Frugal Fritzie does a great job covering stores that pertain to our area.
Money Saving Mom
And there are many, many more blogs out there!

I will also NO LONGER provide any coupons classes.  This was my favorite part of my job as I really enjoyed meeting so many of you.  It gave me great pleasure knowing that I was providing a service to so many of you that needed help learning how to provide for your families at a lower cost.  I hope that you all take what you've learned and will help someone else that might need the help.  As a result of this decision...the class that was scheduled for 1/6/12 will be cancelled.  If you were planning on coming to that I apologize and hope that you will be able to learn the ins and outs of couponing from someone else or by reading the reputable blogs posted above.

So what does this mean for the future of Spot My Eye???  Honestly, I don't know.  I'm still praying and thinking about that.  I won't take down this page or the facebook page for now until I know for certain what, if anything, I'm supposed to do with this.

What I do know for certain is that I've enjoyed the last several weeks of having a slower pace on the computer/blogging.  I've enjoyed focusing more on my family and priorities around my own home.  I feel like more of my attention should be focused there.  Sometimes I think we just need to cut down on the clutter...even if that is a job/hobby in order to do what we're called to do...I'm called to be a wife and mom!  Somewhere along the line some of my priorities got out of whack and I'm trying my best to remedy that problem!  :)

I appreciate your understanding in this matter and hope that you all have a great and wonderful new Year!

~Heather Nothnagel

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