Monday, November 7, 2011

To-Do List 11/7/11

Get up
Get myself ready for the day
Get kids ready and off to school
Set out bread starter
Start load of laundry
Bible time
Computer time
Make Grocery list
Plan Emalee's birthday party
Make weekly menu plan
Prep for tonight's dinner
Make a dessert (because I'm craving something yummy!)
More laundry
Do some sewing for a friend (not sure if this will get done today)
Go to Walgreens and pick up my prescription
Pick Emalee up from school
Eat lunch
More laundry (it never ends)
Vac and mop floors
Gather items that need to go to D.A.V. and put them in box
Finish up the laundry
Pick Jacob up from choir practice (cancelled)
Make dinner

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