Monday, October 3, 2011

Tips for Finding Manager Special/Marked Down Meat

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This is what I found today when I went to the store!  I was able to purchase 78.84 pounds of meat for only $53.85...that makes everything 0.68 cents per POUND on average.  

Everything I found was on Manager Markdown.  I love going to the store and browsing the meat section for markdowns.  I was thrilled this morning to find so many great deals.  This is one way to shop on the cheap without using a single coupon.  However, there are some products included in this picture that you can find coupons for such as the sausage and hot dogs!  

I would suggest that you go in early and late to your store.  Most markdowns are done in the  morning so that the meat cutters know how much product they need to put out during the rest of the day.  Also, sometimes the prices continue to go down throughout the day if the meat isn't selling.  An example is that some stores take 30% off in the morning, 50% off around 3p.m. and 80% off by 8p.m.  What isn't sold by the morning is thrown out.  

Don't be afraid to ask your meat cutter what time of day, or what specific days they mark down their meats.  

Don't be afraid of marked down meat.  However, do be smart and make sure that the meat is still good to eat.

Plan on cooking or freezing the meat you buy (especially if you won't use it in the next 24 hours) so that it doesn't go bad.

After purchasing big quantities of meat as I did today, take some time to write down on paper what you bought.  This way you can sit down and make a menu according to what you have on hand.  This will help you to actually USE what you bought instead of it getting lost in your deep freeze.

Be creative...just because you bought Brats doesn't mean you have to cook them whole on the grill.  I plan on slicing mine and using them in soups and various casseroles stretching them even further!

Do you have any tips on getting meat at lower prices?  Leave a comment and let us know!

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