Monday, July 25, 2011

Joplin, MO. Ways to help!

While traveling to Tulsa, OK. this past week we decided to stop by Joplin, MO. to view the destruction caused by the May 22, 2011 tornado.  I'm not one that would normally pass by site seeing and taking pictures of other's sorrow, but since I am blogger and reach several hundred readers per day I wanted to go ahead and share some information on here.

I knew the destruction was devastating.  I only live 1 hour East of Joplin.  My husband and teenage son were blessed to volunteer in some of the clean up and I heard from them just how horrible is was/is.  Our local news covered it too showing graphic photos and sharing stories of those touched personally.

However, no matter how much you hear of something it's never quite "real" until you see it personally.  The tornado happened 2 months ago.  Progress is being made, but it will be years before this city is rebuilt!  Although I don't live there, from what I could tell, the majority of what has been done is that the streets are clear of debris.  There are still piles of debris along the streets waiting to be picked up.  Some houses are now getting some roofs, but several (tons) still have blue rain tarps over the roofs.  There are many houses that are just GONE!  There is a fowl stench in the air of rotten wood caused by the heavy rain that followed the tornado for several days.  The high school is worse than I could tell from news photos.  I also got to see Cunningham Park.  It's just so sad...

My heart goes out to the people of Joplin, MO.  and I'm sure yours does too.  There are ways YOU can help!  I found 2 practical, easy ways to help and wanted to share them here.

Box Tops For Joplin! Rebuild our Schools

Go HERE to see how collecting Box Tops for Education can help!  They're also collecting from other point reward programs so be sure to check out this page on where to send yours.  If you're an avid couponer you should have TONS of these on the products you purchase!

Another fun and easy way is to vote HERE for Joplin's Cunningham Park.  For more details on how this works visit this page.  I voted several times today while just sitting at the computer talking on the phone earlier!  There's no limit on how many times you can vote per day!

I hope this this helps give you all some info. on some things you can do to help.  If you have any other ideas just list them in the comments section below!

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