Monday, July 11, 2011

Blogging Etiquette

I've been researching some ideas considering different situations in which we all could use an etiquette lesson or two.  While browsing through some of my favorite blogs I came across a blog I hadn't heard of before...Saving For Someday.  Although I wasn't necessarily looking for a lesson on Blogging Etiquette I was thrilled to find such  useful information!

You see...I still consider myself new to blogging.  I've actually had a blog since 2006, but it was only this past year that I started blogging for business and not only enjoyment.  I've learned so many things about the blogging world that I didn't even know before!  This is a HUGE market and one where many mistakes are made.  I still make many mistakes, although not intentionally.

If you already have a blog, or if you're considering starting one I would suggest a couple sites for you to start reading.

Blogging With Amy:
I've learned tons of information from Amy!  She doesn't know me, but I feel like she's my blogging coach/friend/cheerleader!  I've been reading her tips and hints for several months fact, I'm ever so slowly working through her blogging tutorial for a WordPress blog!  Who knows when I'll ever get done!  I keep reminding myself that slowly and steadily the Turtle won the race over the Hare!  It was Amy that suggested the following blog...

Saving For Someday:
I'm a brand new reader to this blog, but have found Sara's information on "blog law" to be fascinating and highly recommend any Blogger to read it!  Sara is an attorney that has been gracious enough to share the ins and outs of Blog laws and rights on her blog!  Check it out!

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