Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Aldi Deals 7/13-7/19

Plums, Peaches and Nectarines .25 cents each

Strawberries  .99 per 1 lb. clamshell

Blueberries .99 cents per pint

The ad is also featuring some of their bottled drinks.  I know that these are nice to have especially in the hot heat we've been having here in Southwest, MO.  My husband works outside all day so these are a MUST HAVE for us this time of year.  

Infuse Thirst Quencher 8  20-oz. bottles $3.99

Infuse Thirst Quencher 32 oz. bottles .69 cents each (assorted flavors)

PurAqua Frut Flavored Water Twenty-four 16 oz. bottles $6.99 (assorted flavors)

PurAqua Natural Spring Water Twenty-four 16.9 oz. bottles $2.99

Another thing the ad is featuring this week are some back to school dorm room accessories:

4'X6' St. Cloud Shag Area Rug  $29.99 

Crofton 8" Air Circulator Fan 3-speed control  $9.99

St. Cloud Bean Bag Assortment 96" in size  $14.99

Check out the Aldi Weekly Circular HERE.
Go HERE to view this weeks current Special Buys

If you've never shopped at Aldi here's some things you need to know:

Bring a quarter with you to "rent" your shopping cart.  You'll get your quarter back after you return your shopping cart.  I always have a quarter in my car for this purpose!  :)

  • Bring cash or a debit card to make your purchases with.  Most Aldi's do NOT accept credit cards.  
  • Bag your own groceries.
  • Bring your own bags or boxes to load your groceries in.  They do have bags for purchase at the register and sometimes there are empty boxes at the store you can use.
Don't forget:  You can price match produce at Walmart with the Aldi ad. 

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